Are you embarrassed to ask your friends/family their thoughts or ideas?

Sick and tired of listening to your friends/parents tell you theirs?

Have you thought you've thought of it all before but are now stuck?

Are you just having a mental block?

I'm here to help...

My brain is constantly on the go.
I've been on television; performed on stage doing musical theatre, improvisational theatre, and stand up comedy.
I've done marathons, triathlons, and intense bicycle rides.
I have an Engineering degree. I have a Masters degree.
I was a Project Manager for 12 years.
I am a mother. I am a student. I read a lot.
I am a teacher. I am a listener.

I believe in collaborative brainstorming. It's not just my brain but your's as well.
Results from Multiple Intelligence testing indicate over 85% in all areas of intelligence. 

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